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The Grown-up's Guide to Plaetime

Every parent knows that kids are the world's best teachers. Inspired by the little people in our lives, we're keeping a running list of lessons learned. What have you learned from your kids?

Get Messy.
Make believe first. Logic second.
Share. Even your ice cream. (Especially your ice cream.)
To find your way, try getting lost.
Look up. Jump in. Rock out.
Curiosity kills boredom. The cat is indestructible.
Bouncing cures almost everything.
Ask questions. Lots and lots and lots of questions.
Anyone can be a princess.
Most monsters are imaginary.
Keep an eye out for magic.
Take the leap. Forget the fall.
Patterns are best mixed.
More colors are better than one.
Boo-boos mean cool Band-Aids.
Get excited for tomorrow.
Maintain a healthy skepticism for adulthood.
Chase your wonder.
Insist on story time.
Make lots of best friends.
Hug your mom. And your dad, too.
Invent your own game. Your own lyrics. And your own rules.
Say please and thank you.
Play. Every day.

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