Go Plae

For the inner Basquiat or Botticelli in every kid, the 'art of PLAE' is a special limited-edition series that celebrates expression and free play—a collaboration with artists to invite kids to be creative.

We also partnered with grown-ups in our network to find out how they continue to play in their adult lives and what came back is inspiring. See how The Kinjaz dance crew and acro yogi Laura Sykora are celebrating play by sharing their passions with the world and the kids in their lives.

the Oliver Black collection

An artist at his core, Oliver Black has been honing his craft ever since he picked up his first crayon. growing up in an artistic family, his early influence was rooted in the skateboard and graffiti art scene. The San Francisco Bay Area's rich, creative culture paired with his own explorations abroad have cultivated a signature style that resonates with kids both big and small. From street murals to restaurants walls to private commissions, Oliver's work can be experienced across the U.S. and internationally. His fun and whimsical cast of characters make for a perfect collaboration in our 'art of PLAE' series.

the chloe marin madia

The chloe is inspired by Oliver’s young niece and his roots in Marin County, California. It features his interpretation of the madia flower that blooms in that region. His twist on classic floral patterns creates an elegant, fun, and graphic new look.

the max odyssea

For the max, Oliver was inspired by the artistic challenge of creating such a dense, interlocking pattern. With this bold design, each shoe has a unique variety of animals to discover.

the thandi cloud 9

At 20, Oliver embarked on a life-defining journey to India that solidified his desire to pursue art as his living. Inspired by those travels, elephants with unique personalities are a recurring theme in his work.

the Oliver Black roan

The debut shoe of Oliver’s collaboration with PLAE features hand-drawn characters inspired by real life personalities. The drawings are placed around the shoe to serve as a treasure hunt of images for the wearer and power up your kids' wildest imaginations. Let their adventures begin!

celebrating the art of PLAE

the Kinjaz dance crew

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