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PLAE-it-forward + Rasha and Bavi

July 2, 2018 1 Views

When Rasha’s three-year-old son Bazi was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a multi-systemic genetic disorder that causes muscular deterioration of the heart, lung, and skeleton, she had no idea where to turn for help. Rasha says nonprofit group Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) was her “light at the end of the tunnel.” PPMD consists of an amazing group of passionate parents who work tirelessly to alter the anticipated outcome of Duchenne, which primarily strikes male children and typically results in much shorter lifespans than most of us hope for.

Photos care of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

PLAE-it-forward + Scott

July 2, 2018 0 Views

After Scott’s father passed away due to cancer and the strain on his body from chemotherapy and radiation, Scott did not know what to do. He says his father “was the type of person that even though he was in a difficult fight, he would still give the shirt off his back to the person next to him. So to honor his memory, I had to do something that would give back to people who were in the same fight he battled for years.” Scott decided to establish the nonprofit Let Me Live Foundation to help people fighting cancer manage the financial hit that comes with receiving medical treatment.

Photos care of Let Me Live Foundation

PLAE-it-forward + Catherine and Vanessa

July 1, 2018 0 Views

We all need a little help sometimes. The Southern Marin Mothers’ Club (SMMC), run entirely by 70+ enthusiastic mom and dad volunteers, recognizes this. The club supports its members while engaging in meaningful philanthropic work to benefit local nonprofits that support parents, children, and families. For their 2018-2019 fundraising term, SMMC formed a partnership with Novato-based Gilead House, whose mission is one all SMMC members can get behind: housing homeless single mothers and their children.

Photos care of Gilead House

PLAE-it-forward + Rachel and Ava

June 1, 2018 189 Views

When their precious 20-month-old daughter Ava was diagnosed with a rare neurogenic disorder called Angelman Syndrome (AS), parents Rachel and Cole immediately sought out any information they could find on the disorder. They quickly discovered that FAST was a leading champion for individuals with AS, seeking not only to improve quality of life but also to find an effective treatment for the disorder

Photos care of FAST

PLAE-it-forward + Holly

June 1, 2018 303 Views

Holly and her family had just moved to Marin when their eldest child, Ellie, was 15 months old. Holly was newly pregnant with her second child and wanted to find a safe, easy place to take Ellie to play outside. She joined Pixie Park on the recommendation of a neighbor and was hooked. The lovely enclosed playground was a lifesaver because Holly didn't have to worry about Ellie running away or into the street - so much so that even when she was nine months pregnant Holly continued to feel comfortable bringing Ellie there.

Photos care of Julia Zave Photography

PLAE-it-forward + Jen and Asher

June 1, 2018 351 Views

After a year of looking for answers to explain her son’s developmental delays, Jen’s son Asher was diagnosed with Joubert Syndrome (JS) in May of 2016. The Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorders Foundation (JSRDF) is where Jen and her family turned to learn critical information about the disease and, thankfully, where they also discovered a strong support system.

Photos care of Jen Brady

PLAE-it-forward + Jasper Wong

May 1, 2018 395 Views

When you see POW! and WOW! what comes to mind? Caped community-defending superheroes? If so, then you’re on the right track when considering the non-profit foundation POW! WOW!. Drawing a link to masked crime fighters is not how POW! WOW!’s name originated, though. POW! = the impact that art has on people and WOW! = the reaction people have when seeing art. Together, POW WOW = a Native American term describing a gathering celebrating culture, music, and art. People gathering to create and celebrate art and culture? Sounds like community-promoting superhero work to us, and it makes us want to shout, “POW! WOW!”

PLAE-it-forward + Hank and Samantha

April 3, 2018 653 Views

“We can’t wait for the world to adapt and include us, we just need to go out and be a part of it…by creating awareness for the needs, invisible and visible, of children who need more,” says Samantha Isaacs, mother of Henry “Hank” Isaacs, one of the Hang Tough Foundation’s Hang Tough Heroes.

PLAE-it-forward + Emme

April 3, 2018 354 Views

One year ago, Emme and her family visited Cat Ba Island in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Emme was both enchanted by the Cat Ba Langur monkeys living there and distressed to learn that there were only 60 of them left in the entire world, all living there on Cat Ba Island. The Cat Ba Langurs used to thrive in their little corner of the world, but due to poaching they had become the most endangered monkey species on the planet. Emme knew she needed to take action to help the Cat Ba Langurs.

PLAE-it-forward + Ashaunta

April 3, 2018 353 Views

The very first day Ashaunta Anderson dropped her then one-year-old son off at daycare, he returned home to her with his first fever. That fever led him to the emergency room and ultimately hospital admission. What caused all this?