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May 2017

PLAE-it-forward + Paula and Asher

May 30, 2017 2781 Views

We first met Paula and her family through Instagram, following along with their active adventures there and on her blog FitFam6. We met up at our spring launch event and were especially struck by the curiosity and excitement of little Asher, their youngest son. Paula recently shared Asher’s journey with us and we were inspired to share their story and partner together through PLAE-it-forward.

PLAE-it-forward + Life Lab

May 30, 2017 2890 Views

One of our earliest PLAE-it-forward sign-ups came from Kathleen Halat, supporting a great local organization called Life Lab, a garden-based learning environment.

PLAE-it-forward + Evie, aka "Cheetah Girl"

May 30, 2017 3057 Views

Some kids are obsessed with dinosaurs, others robots, or unicorns...but not six-year-old Evie. She’s got one thing on her mind—cheetah!—and for a very good reason. After seeing a tv show about the cheetahs' race against extinction, she became very worried "that all the cheetahs would be extinct before she grew up and was old enough to be a cheetah-protector and save them."

PLAE-it-forward codes

May 2, 2017 5226 Views

Giving back is a company value for PLAE, and with the PLAE-it-forward community program we're partnering with you to give back in more ways than ever before! PLAE-it-forward ambassadors are vetted and receive a unique checkout code to help a local organization/charity of their choice earn a yearly cash donation from PLAE.

Codes don't expire, so you can donate 10% of your purchase every time! Donate to a cause that has special meaning to you, support our monthly featured ambassadors, or choose a new code each time. Read on for a frequently updated list of donation codes: