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October 2018

PLAE-it-forward + Victoria and Shawn

October 3, 2018 483 Views

During a neighborhood meeting last year, Victoria heard someone mention that a local non-profit called Start-Up Kids' Club sought volunteers to teach entrepreneurship to children in the Austin area. Thinking about how her husband Shawn’s entrepreneurship had benefited their family, and pondering how beneficial learning entrepreneurial skills at a young age might be, Victoria arranged to meet with Start-Up Kids' Club’s founder Amber Waken. Well, that was it. After meeting with Amber, Victoria and Shawn were hooked and decided they wanted to help in any way they could.

Photos care of Victoria Waite

PLAE-it-forward + Tina and Violet

October 1, 2018 541 Views

Tina and Jason’s daughter Violet was only 21 months old when she got an E. coli infection, which developed into something called Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and shut down Violet’s kidneys, causing her to have strokes. “Overnight, our lives changed,” Tina shares. Today, five-year-old Violet continues to suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and will one day during her childhood need a kidney transplant.

Photos care of Tina Walde

PLAE-it-forward + Lia and Tau

October 1, 2018 335 Views

https://www.cmtausa.org/The Internet can be a sort of Alice-in-Wonderland kind of space. Beautiful wonders followed or superseded by sheer horrors. For example, when we notice that we or our loved ones are experiencing certain symptoms, we can research them online and find links to all sorts of pages, but discerning whether the information provided on those pages is reliable or unreliable is another story. It takes a special kind of Internet literacy and a bit of luck to know which information is accurate and steeped in authentic evidence and which is… well… fake. For Tau and Eoin, as for many other parents of children who receive confusing and sometimes frightening medical diagnoses, the Internet turned out to be the tool that connected them with their greatest source of education and support

Photos care of Tau O'Sullivan