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PLAE-it-forward + Anjanette

November 1, 2018 182 Views

Knowing a second (and third and fourth) language - as well as having exposure to various cultural heritages - can make us feel more connected to others and provide us with expansive and enriching lives. Sometimes, in our huge United States of America, we can feel insulated and be lulled into believing that knowing English alone is sufficient for international communication; we can go decades without ever applying for a passport; and we can forget that the very fiber of our nation has been created through the intermingling of a multitude of languages and cultures.

At times, even parents here who speak multiple languages and who may themselves come from countries outside the U.S. can struggle to adequately instill in their own children the value of being multilingual and recognizing the strengths of multiple heritages. Schools like The Seattle Area German American School (SAGA) take the pressure off parents in this regard - they make it easy for parents to provide linguistic and cultural exposure and enrichment for their children. SAGA’s community in particular brings families together through a shared appreciation for education and the German language.

Photos care of Anjanette Gonzales