Game Of Throws + Code VIRGINGORDA

What do you get when a frontline humanitarian leader connects with the founder of a company called PLAE? PLAY WITH PURPOSE. At PLAE, we believe that solving serious world problems can be done in a not-so-serious way.

Want to watch the story instead of reading it? Click here. Photos courtesy of Linda Cruse. 

Photos courtesy of Ryan Ringholz and Linda Cruse.

In November 2018, our Founder Ryan Ringholz had the opportunity to visit Necker Island on a humanitarian-centric trip where he met frontline humanitarian leader Linda Cruse through her RACE4GOOD event.  The event challenged the community and guests to come up with creative ideas to uplift the youth of Virgin Gorda – a British Virgin island devastated by Hurricane Irma. Through the event, Ryan learned of the massive impact that the hurricane has had on the community, leaving the youth on the island without safe outlets to play and create – and their spirits dampened.

Photos courtesy of Linda Cruse.

Feeling the urgency of the matter and compelled to further the initiative, Ryan shared the story with his team and in early 2019 – reconnected with Linda in San Francisco to collaborate on a campaign to help the kids of Virgin Gorda.  Through Linda’s work with the community, we learned of their passion for basketball – so we paired that with our passion for play and the GAME OF THROWS challenge was born!

Photos courtesy of Linda Cruse. 

Linda has been traversing the globe, essentially living out of a suitcase, for nearly two decades. She has been leading on the frontline, uplifting struggling communities around the world. Linda’s unique experiences from the frontline span every continent as “boots on the ground” in refugee camps, war-torn areas, and amidst major catastrophic disaster zones.  As part of her leadership work, Linda’s Race4Good program harnesses the best and brightest brains from business and universities, bringing them together in dynamic teams to solve real-life obstacles facing challenged communities.



Together, we are asking you to play GAME OF THROWS, a fun and simple social challenge, to encourage you and everyone you know anywhere in the world to “Take a Shot” for the kids of Virgin Gorda. For everyone who posts a video of themselves shooting any kind of “ball” into any kind of “basket” and tag @goplae #GameOfThrows, PLAE will donate $1* to Virgin Unite** for it's projects on Virgin Gorda in support of creative activities in art, dance, music, and sports.**

Here’s how you can play for good:

  • Use code VIRGINGORDA at checkout on and PLAE will donate 10% of net sales.
  • Post and tag your video on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Remember: tag @goplae and add the hashtag #GameOfThrows so we don’t miss out on seeing your awesome video.
  • Donate directly at

Remember: the fun is in playing YOUR way!

You could just toss a basketball into a net, or you could:

  • Crumple up paper and shoot it into a recycling bin behind your workplace or apartment building.
  • Ball up your socks and throw them into the washer/dryer (you’re welcome, parents).
  • Toss those weird little cocktail onions into martini glasses during your next happy hour (sorry, bartenders).
  • Doggo. Snoot. You know what to do. 
  • You could dress up as John Snow and toss a snowball through a (fake, please) ring of fire.
  • You could be like Steph Curry and have your kids toss toys through your arms.

Take your best shot in any way you want!


*PLAE will donate $1 for every #GAMEOFTHROWS participation video, up to $10K. You do not need to follow, sign up or subscribe to anything to play GAMEOFTHROWS. You do need to post your video to a public channel and tag us, or we won’t be able to see and count it.

** PLAE will be fundraising for Virgin Unite and its projects focused on supporting local communities and the long term reconstruction of the BVI, in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Virgin Unite will fund, support and work with local partners on the ground. Virgin Unite and its trustees retain ultimate discretion over the donation and control as to which specific projects and charities those funds are used to support. In the unlikely event that Virgin Unite cannot use the funds for these purposes or if there are surplus funds Virgin Unite may use donations received to support the other important work of Virgin Unite.