Brylan's Feat Foundation + CODE GIVE607

Before Brittany Williams’ daughter Brylan had celebrated her first birthday, she was diagnosed with primary lymphedema, a condition that causes accumulation of lymph in the body’s soft tissue. Though there is currently no cure for lymphedema, there is treatment to help manage the painful and chronic swelling, particularly in the limbs. Unfortunately, proper treatment is not only expensive, it is also hard to acquire because so few medical professionals are knowledgeable in this field. Not one to sit around and complain without working to help find a solution, Brittany founded Brylan’s Feat Foundation to help children fighting lymphedema receive this often inaccessible treatment.

Photos care of Brittany Williams

“I will do whatever it takes to make sure my daughter gets the best treatment, and I know that so many parents want that for their children but do not have the resources to do so,” Brittany declares. In addition to providing access to the often-out-of-reach treatment, Brylan’s Feat Foundation battles the sense of isolation many can feel when struggling with lymphedema or caring for someone who is. Awareness that you are not alone fighting lymphedema - or loving someone who is fighting it - is almost as important as accessing treatment. The foundation seeks to provide this awareness to all, and hopes to arm those of us not suffering with lymphedema and not knowing anyone who battles it with knowledge that can increase our understanding of all aspects of lymphedema, too.


Photos care of Brittany Williams

So far, Brylan’s Feat Foundation is outpacing its own benchmarks. When the foundation officially launched in May of this year, its primary short-term goal was to help three to five children by offering them treatment options before the end of 2018. As of October, nine children were already receiving treatment support! With this level of generosity and support straight out of the gate, we can’t wait to learn how many children and their families will receive support from Brylan’s Feat Foundation in 2019…!

“As I immersed myself into the lymphedema world,” explains Brittany, “I knew I wanted to help make a positive impact on the lives of children suffering from this disease and the lymphedema community as a whole. I truly believe that every child should be given the opportunity to live their best life.” We agree with Brittany, and if you do, too, you can help simply by using checkout code GIVE607 when you purchase PLAE shoes to automatically donate 10% of the purchase price to Brylan’s Feat Foundation.