Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association + CODE GIVE679

Before he was even born, baby Dean had a perinatal ischemic stroke. When loving parents Lauren and Ryan learned that their as-yet-unborn son had already had a stroke, they were devastated and immediately began learning all they could about his situation. While conducting their research, they discovered the website of non-profit organization Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA), an internationally-recognized authority on the needs of children who have hemiplegic cerebral palsy. While exploring the website’s resources, Lauren and Ryan learned a lot about the still-in-utero son they already adored, and after their beautiful boy was born they turned to CHASA to help them connect with other families in similar situations.

Photographs care of Lauren and Ryan Watson, The Ability Mom, and The Ability Mom’s IG page

Lauren explains, “Dean and other children who have had a stroke can have a form of cerebral palsy called hemiplegia. This means they have paralysis or weakness of one side of their body. Children who have suffered a stroke can require many different types of therapy to function.” While these children want to enjoy life and feel successful just as much as the rest of us, they could use a bit of extra support. That’s where CHASA comes in. CHASA was founded in 1996 by parents of children with hemiplegia to provide information and support to families like theirs. Since then, CHASA has grown to provide services, grants, information, retreats, and other support for families of children, teens, and adults who have suffered an early brain injury.



Another resource parents can turn to is The Ability Mom, a blog Lauren writes about her life as the mother of a child with a disability. Through sharing her thoughts, knowledge, and experiences, she helps other families who find themselves in similar situations, simultaneously spreading awareness to those of us who had no idea babies could even have strokes.

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