Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project + CODE GIVE944

One year ago, Emme and her family visited Cat Ba Island in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Emme was both enchanted by the Cat Ba Langur monkeys living there and distressed to learn that there were only 60 of them left in the entire world, all living there on Cat Ba Island. The Cat Ba Langurs used to thrive in their little corner of the world, but due to poaching they had become the most endangered monkey species on the planet. Emme knew she needed to take action to help the Cat Ba Langurs.

Photographs are care of Tam Pham and Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project’s FB page (photographer: Neahga Leonard)


Namesake of the Emme shoe and daughter of PLAE founder Ryan Ringholz and his wife Tam, Emme is a creative and proactive young person who wants to make a positive difference wherever she can. Emme immediately began to think about how she could intervene and help save the Cat Ba Langurs. She decided that fundraising and donating the money raised to the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project, established in 2000, would be the best place to start. After all, the Cat Ba Langur population had been rapidly declining until the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project came into being; and in 2003, only three years after the project was initiated, the first increase in the monkeys’ population in decades was joyfully recorded.


Photographs care of Tam Pham and Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project’s FB page (photographer: Huy Cam)


The first step Emme took was to bake homemade cookies and squeeze fresh lemonade to sell in front of her local supermarket. Friends who were inspired by Emme’s efforts supported her and community members devoured the scrumptious, positively-impactful cookies and lemonade. The next step was to set up a GoFundMe page to seek donations for the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project, which Emme did with help from her mom. All told, Emme raised $1,172 that went straight to education and conservation work aimed at helping the Cat Ba Langurs thrive again. There is, of course, much more work to be done, and Emme is not stopping.


If you want to support Emme in raising funds to save the Cat Ba Langur monkeys, use checkout code GIVE944 and 10% of the purchase price of your PLAE shoes will be donated to the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project care of the Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations. Shop now to earn a donation.