Cheetah Conservation Fund + CODE GIVE672

Some kids are obsessed with dinosaurs, others robots, or unicorns...but not six-year-old Evie. She’s got one thing on her mind—cheetah!—and for a very good reason. After seeing a tv show about the cheetahs' race against extinction, she became very worried "that all the cheetahs would be extinct before she grew up and was old enough to be a cheetah-protector and save them."


photos provided by Kelly Hayes and the Cheetah Conservation Fund


So what’s a girl to do? Evie, her parents, and teachers started brainstorming ways that Evie could work to protect the cheetahs now. Her first fundraiser was a coin drive at school, involving a special "cheetah" jar she designed, and cheetah educational materials from the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), the global leader in research and conservation of cheetahs in the wild. Her class raised over $200 in coins for CCF and counted and rolled all the coins themselves! Evie also designed a t-shirt to sell (via her mom's Facebook page) to raise awareness and show everyone that "kids can save cheetahs too!"

Evie is continuing her quest by spreading the message about cheetah conservation every chance she gets. She now wears cheetah clothes everywhere, every day, and goes by "cheetah girl." Her eagerness inspired two other classes in the school to start their own "cheetah coin drives" and the funds are still rolling in



We think the cheetahs have a great shot with a determined and creative advocate like Evie on their side. And you can now support her and the Cheetah Conservation Fund with our PLAE-it-forward give back program. On every purchase using the checkout code GIVE672, PLAE will donate 10% of the purchase value to CCF. Let’s help Evie save those cheetahs! Shop now to earn a donation.