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In circumstances like those in which Gadi’s parents found themselves after the birth of their darling boy, community often becomes more important to many of us than ever before. Gadi was born premature at 31 weeks. After spending 4.5 weeks in the NICU, he was sent home with his parents Sylvia and Aron, the doctors assuring them that everything was fine. While they were thrilled to have their baby home, Sylvia and Aron noticed that something was not quite right with his development. Gadi’s pediatrician explained that Gadi’s issues were due to being born early and told his parents everything would get easier, but that simply was not happening. Sylvia says, “After taking him for an early intervention evaluation and to several specialists, we finally got some answers.”

When their son Gadi was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) at seven months old, Sylvia remembers feeling “very lost and alone. It was not easy for us to ask for or take any help, but when I finally made the call I was glad I did. Chai Lifeline made us feel like we belonged and gave us the support we needed.”

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International nonprofit organization Chai Lifeline provides comprehensive services and programs to more than 5,400 children and families around the world. Chai Lifeline operates from the belief that seriously ill children deserve and in fact need to have as “normal” and happy a childhood as possible, that all family members are impacted by a child’s illness, that the financial hit of medical costs can be devastating for families, and that the well-being of children battling pediatric illnesses is directly impacted by the well-being of their families. They therefore, rather than focusing on addressing one of these profound issues in an isolated way, take on a four-prong approach to tackling all four areas at once. The difference they make for families facing immeasurable adversity - whether with children facing serious/chronic illness or lifelong disability - is enormous.

Photos care of @lifewithgadi IG

From facilitating opportunities for carefree fun and laughter in the midst of stressful childhood illness - like their flagship summer sleepaway camp that Gadi can’t wait to go to because it is, as Sylvia asserts, “an unbelievable, magical place” - to supporting affected families and facilitating community responses in the first few hours after a crisis occurs, Chai Lifeline aims to provide relief in times of immense hardship. Think being a part of a community that contributes to your neighbors during their most challenging times is as much of a privilege to you as it is a gift to your neighbors? Use checkout code GIVE246 to donate 10% of your PLAE purchase to Chai Lifeline now.