Save the Frogs Project + CODE GIVE632

Justin is like every kiddo—he loves to play outdoors, camp, play soccer and baseball, invent things, and be creative. He also loves frogs, which might seem like just another thing he has in common with lots of 6-year-olds...except he’s taken that love and turned it into an idea that will do so much more!


photos provided by Sheri Sather


Justin has loved frogs for as long as he can remember, and was upset to learn that frogs are among the most rapidly disappearing animals. Almost one-third of frog species are on the verge of extinction from pollution, pesticides, and habitat destruction. When Justin learned of the dangers frogs are in, he decided to take up their case and begin raising money to save them and bring awareness to the issue.



The family learned of an organization just as passionate as Justin was, Save the Frogs! They work to protect frog populations by educating, inspiring and empowering people around the world to make a positive impact for amphibians and the planet. With this great non-profit partner, Justin started his own Save the Frogs Project by selling $1.00 toy frogs. “He sells frogs everywhere we go—baseball, birthday parties, neighbors, family, classmates, etc.,” says his mom, Sheri. So far he’s raised over $750 dollars and educated many about frog threats and pollution. His recent earnings were used to build 3 new wetlands to help save the California red-legged frogs!



Way to go, Justin; the frogs are lucky to have you as their superhero, fighting for their protection! Fans can pitch in on Justin’s donation page or PLAE-it-forward with code GIVE632 at checkout. For every purchase using that code, PLAE will donate 10% of the purchase value to Save the Frogs. Shop now to earn a donation.