Keto Hope + CODE GIVE711

Little Rosemary loves the homemade crackers her parents bake, though maybe not just for the reasons you’d expect. They are actually part of the strict keto diet (short for “ketogenic”) that ended her epileptic seizures.


photos provided by the Keto Hope Foundation


When medications failed to control the rare form of epilepsy Rosemary has, her parents Jessica and Richard began working with Laura Dority, a registered dietitian, who suggested the ketogenic diet as a treatment option. It is a high-fat, low-carb diet, closely supervised by dietitians and physicians to maintain precise ratios of fat, carbohydrate, and protein. Thankfully, this was a success for Rosemary and her seizures were amazingly under control within weeks.

She’s now on a traditional diet, but Richard and Jessica learned the challenges of preparing a keto-friendly kid diet from this experience. Inspired by the success of the treatment, they began the Keto Hope Foundation to connect new ketogenic diet families to a network of experienced parents for educational and emotional support. “This foundation was and is a passion project for my husband and I. He actually began brainstorming with our dietitian within weeks of our daughter’s seizures being controlled, and it took two years of hard work and learning from our mistakes before it became a reality in 2016,” says Jessica.



And here’s where those tasty crackers come in, too! The Keto Bakery, part of the foundation, produces “carefully crafted and delicious ketogenic-friendly baked goods to support families on their ketogenic journey.” Since the diet limits many foods that kids would normally enjoy, Jessica hopes to expand the nutritious options available while using proceeds to directly support the Keto Hope mission.

You can learn more about the ketogenic diet and their parent resources on their website. Also lend support by using code GIVE711 at checkout, and PLAE will donate 10% of your purchase to the Keto Hope Foundation. That’s a lot of cheddar...crackers! Shop now to earn a donation