Fox and Trove + CODE GIVE242

Fox and Trove’s mission statement reads, bolded and in all caps, “WE ARE ON A MISSION TO CHANGE THE WORLD OUR KIDS GROW UP IN BY TEACHING THEM HOW TO BE KIND AND BRAVE.” Just that tiny little goal. To change the world in which our kids grow up. Not at all daunting. Co-founders Jami Schaer and Laura Wood believe they can achieve it, and they are making changing the world easy, engaging, and fun!

Photographs care of Fox and Trove, foxandtrove on IG, and FoxandTrove on FB

Since May 2016, Fox and Trove has been offering pre-schools and kindergartens free kindness assemblies and a year-long, comprehensive kindness curriculum vetted by therapists and educators. They also run a World Changer Camp for kids ages 3-6 every August, giving the little ones a big boost of kindness, bravery, resilience, confidence, empathy, and happiness just in time for the start of a new school year.

A member of City of Kindness, a coalition of kindness organizations led by the Dalai Lama and Lady Gaga, Fox and Trove has already reached more than 600 children through its programs This summer’s 100 summer camp slots sold out in 23 minutes!

Fox and Trove’s approach to preventing bullying may be fun and engaging, but it is steeped in research, too. Studies support the idea that one of the most effective ways to stop bullying is to prevent it by teaching kids in the formative years of 3–6 kindness skills like empathy, conflict resolution, emotion regulation, and self calming. Taking this nugget of information and running with it, Fox and Trove focuses its energies on planting seeds of kindness and bravery in children before any impulse to bully has a chance to take root. They know that teaching positive, pro-social traits and behaviors at this age can hugely decrease incidents of bullying. They are not stopping there, though. In order to support and reinforce the learnings the wee ones glean, Fox and Trove aims to build on its core offerings by expanding its program to grades 1–5 very soon.

Laura says, “We want to help raise a new generation of little activists; peaceful and empowered World Changers who use their voice for positive social change.” We hear that! Want to lend your support to the cause? Use checkout code GIVE242 and 10% of your purchase price will be donated to Fox and Trove. Shop now to earn a donation.