On the Spectrum Autism Support Group + CODE GIVE506

Imagine being a new mother. Now imagine being a new mother of twins, both of whom have autism, then founding a non-profit support group for other families of children with autism. Feel tired yet? Fortunately, Nikki Busalacchi, founder of On the Spectrum Autism Support Group, didn’t give in.

Photos are care of Sara Cerar, On the Spectrum website and Facebook page

On the Spectrum (OTS) helps make the lives of children like Liam Cerar, who was diagnosed with autism 11 days before his second birthday, easier, safer, richer, and more enjoyable. One way they support families is through financial grants that help cover meaningful, impactful purchases and services that might otherwise be out of reach. For example, while five-year-old Liam has approximately 40 hours of therapy and school per week to give him the support, tools, structure, and pace that are optimal for him and help him thrive, not all families can access these opportunities. OTS’s grants also fund service animals like Milo, a service dog whom Liam and his family recently welcomed into their home. Says his mom Sara, “On the Spectrum helps kids such as Liam have the chance to find love and acceptance in a service animal.



In addition to enriching the lives of these kiddos and offering support and education to the people who love them, OTS extends the gift of understanding and inclusion to anyone and everyone affected by autism. Monthly support group meetings are open to all, though the organization and its meetings are based in Wisconsin. OTS doesn’t just talk about making a difference locally, they live it...every penny raised goes to fund resources for local families touched by autism. Let’s help them continue to thrive!

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