Life Lab + CODE GIVE210

One of our earliest PLAE-it-forward sign-ups came from Kathleen Halat, supporting a great local organization called Life Lab, a garden-based learning environment. Kathleen says it best: “I am a podiatrist, mother of a 7 year old and gardening enthusiast. Because of my job, I have seen first-hand how nutrition and health go hand in hand (or foot in foot as the case is for my patients). As a mother I have seen that my son is more likely to try new vegetables and food items when he gets to help with the preparation and when he is eating with friends.” After attending a fundraising event a few years ago for Life Lab, she was “captivated by the intersection of science, nutrition and fun, all within an outdoor classroom” and soon became a frequent volunteer and supporter of their programs.


photos provided by Kathleen Halat and LifeLab


With Life Lab, kids grow their own food, work together to prepare food, and then eat as a group. The curriculum cultivates kids’ love of learning, healthy food, and nature through garden-based education. Through outreach programs, they also promote gardening in schools, public and private, across a diverse economic spectrum. They’ve even started a volunteer program to put a school garden intern in certain schools to help teachers that would otherwise need to donate their own valuable time to keep the garden going.

Life Lab’s programs have made them a national leader in the garden-based learning movement, and we’re proud to partner with Kathleen in support of them. Use code GIVE210 at checkout to donate 10% of your purchase value to Life Lab and all the kiddos whose lives they enrich! Learn more about their programs and mission and shop now to earn a donation.