Binkeez for Comfort + CODE GIVE577

Mighty Matthew Cech is a superhero, who “isn't afraid of anything and never gets tired.” He chooses to face his diagnosis (Mito disease complex l and lll and CIPO) with strength and bravery, just like the masked defenders in our favorite comic books.

But even a superhero needs a sidekick sometimes. Four and a half years ago, Mighty Matthew received his first Binkeez blanket. He declared that the soft bumps sewn into the Binkeez fabric were “magic bumps” and found great comfort in their touch. To this day, Mighty Matthew brings one of his three Binkeez blankets to doctor’s appointments, ER visits, hospital stays, and even into the OR.

Photographs are care of Lisa and Terry Cech

Seeing what a profound source of comfort and peace the Binkeez is for their son, Mighty Matthew’s parents Lisa and Terry refer other children struggling to face medical challenges to the non-profit Binkeez for Comfort program. According to Lisa, these children feel the same way about their very special blankets as Mighty Matthew feels about his. Binkeez, in return, is motivated by these young bravehearts, naming all their blankets after courageous kids—stating on their website: “All our Binkeez are inspired after the bravest of lives.



Binkeez for Comfort offers soothing blankets to children and babies fighting for their lives. Indeed, every blanket purchased sponsors another for a qualifying child. The awe-inspiring warriors who receive the them bravely bring their Binkeez to battle as they take on life-threatening illnesses, acute developmental and mental disorders, and severe burns. In order to help some of these young contenders feel the power of the “magic bumps” for themselves, Mighty Matthew donated his birthday money to sponsor Binkeez for other children. What a mighty, magical one-two punch against adversity!

Want to lend some super backup to Mighty Matthew and Binkeez for Comfort’s one-two punch? Use checkout code GIVE577 to donate 10% of the purchase price of your new kicks to Binkeez for Comfort. Stay mighty, Matthew! Shop now to earn a donation.