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When their precious 20-month-old daughter Ava was diagnosed with a rare neurogenic disorder called Angelman Syndrome (AS), parents Rachel and Cole immediately sought out any information they could find on the disorder. They quickly discovered that FAST was a leading champion for individuals with AS, seeking not only to improve quality of life but also to find an effective treatment for the disorder

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AS occurs in 1 in 15,000 to 20,000 live births and is characterized by severe and profound delays (gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, speech, motor planning), lack of verbal communication, severe seizures, and a happy and loving demeanor. Ava is the light and joy of her parents’ lives, and so they passionately sought not only to help improve Ava's quality of life but also to make the world a more accepting place for her and those like her. That’s where their support of FAST comes in.

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FAST has teamed with Ovid Therapeutics and the Angelman Syndrome Foundation to sponsor human clinical trials aimed at gene therapy for AS. The hope and goal is an effective treatment - basically, a reversal of AS or what we typically think of as a "cure." That goal is not steeped solely in hope, though: scientists believe that AS has the greatest potential for being cured when compared to other neurogenetic disorders. This triple-hitting team is just a little bit of money away from realizing its goal! If you would like to support this remarkable work with your PLAE purchase today, use checkout code GIVE155 and 10% of your purchase price will go directly to FAST