Let Me Live Foundation + CODE GIVE262

After Scott’s father passed away due to cancer and the strain on his body from chemotherapy and radiation, Scott did not know what to do. He says his father “was the type of person that even though he was in a difficult fight, he would still give the shirt off his back to the person next to him. So to honor his memory, I had to do something that would give back to people who were in the same fight he battled for years.” Scott decided to establish the nonprofit Let Me Live Foundation to help people fighting cancer manage the financial hit that comes with receiving medical treatment.

Photos care of Let Me Live Foundation

In addition to knowing first-hand how difficult cancer treatment can be not only on the person battling the “Big C” but also on everyone who loves them, Scott and his family also know from personal experience how burdensome the financial costs of cancer treatment can be. They nearly lost their home due to overwhelming and exorbitant medical bills. Had their loved ones not rallied around them to raise money, and had the City of Clearwater Employees’ Credit Union not postponed collection of their mortgage payment, they would not only have been going through the most challenging health crisis of their lives, they would have been doing it while homeless.

Photos care of Let Me Live Foundation


Oftentimes, those of us battling cancer cannot work at all anymore, and even when we can still work we frequently need to take days off for treatment and to manage the side effects of treatment. Our incomes are diminished or lost entirely at the same time as our costs rise exponentially. Our usual bills like those we pay for rent, electricity, groceries, and transportation don’t disappear, either. This side of battling cancer frequently goes undiscussed, and that’s where Let Me Live comes in. The foundation donates to cancer patients to help pay for medical bills as well as any other bills that need to be paid.

Though Let Me Live is only in its fourth year of operations, it has already provided financial support to more than 20 people in Florida, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, and California and is seeking to continuously expand its service throughout the United States. Since right now there is no overhead and all foundation work is completed by volunteers, 100% of donations received goes directly to recipients battling cancer. Want to make life a little easier for folks with cancer battling to survive both medically and financially? Use checkout code GIVE262 to donate 10% of your purchase price directly to Let Me Live.