The PLAE design ethos draws on the spirit of kids at play. The rounded edge triangle (delta) symbol is derived from the ubiquitous children-at-play yield sign. By rotating the sign at a 90° angle it then draws immediate recognition as an audio-visual 'play' button. Both elements are immediately recognizable, which will insure the brand gains broad awareness in short order.

The 'go' insignia will be incorportated into all aspect of the business and ultimately stand alone.

The logotype 'plae' was created from repeated rounded forms, which gives a soft childish yet modern feel. It will typically be used in conjuntion with the 'go' triangle insignia.

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download white + green logoPNG|EPS

download black + green 'SHOES' logoPNG|EPS

download white 'SHOES' logoPNG|EPS

download green 'go' insigniaPNG|EPS

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download 'SHOES' logo squarePNG|EPS

logo usage guidelines

The above logos are approved and are the only logos that should be used.

  • The full, unmodified logo ('go' insignia and logotype 'plae') should be used together when possible. the arrow can be used by itself when necessary, but should be reserved for times when the full logo is also present in the same document, or for branded logo goods such as t-shirts and stickers.
  • The only time the logo should be used without the 'go' insignia (logotype 'plae' only) is on the outsole of the shoes.
  • The black + green logo can be used over an image with a white or light background and should not be used on a dark background. the all black logo should be used sparingly, such as for company letterhead.
  • The all white or white + green logo can be used over an image with a black or dark background and should not be used on a light background. the all white logo should be used over a green background.
  • The logo squares can be used when the logo stands alone on a white background and should never be used over an image or colored background.
  • The logo variation with 'SHOES' can be used when needed to specify PLAE as a shoe company, such as with the point-of-sale window sticker.
  • The logo must not be modified in anyway, such as stretching, changing the color or proportions, rotating, adding drop shadow, or adding words or other marks around the logo.

color scheme

The color green was chosen for myriad reasons. First, to convey movement and the transition from full 'stop' to 'go' forward. Second, it references nature—specifically grass­­—as if to say, "get outside and play." This is further amplified in the grass graphic utilites on the box and various collateral. Finally, green speaks of an awareness of our ecological impact and emphasizes the fact that we are doing our part to safeguard our environment.

  • primary color
  • C=80 M=5 Y=95 K=0
  • R=33 G=170 B=80
  • HEX: #21aa50
  • PANTONE: 354U, 15-5534 TPX Bright Green
  • secondary color
  • C=95 M=30 Y=90 K=10
  • R=0 G=127 B=76
  • HEX: #007c4c
  • PANTONE: 356U, 18-6024 TPX Amazon


The typeface employed across the brand is Hurme Geometric Sans 1 which picks up the rounded geometry seen in the logotype. It is a clean, classic and timeless san serif that is childish yet sophisticated and modern. Hurme Geometric Sans 1 Light is typically used. Hurme Geometric Sans 1 Regular or SemiBold should be reserved for headlines or emphasis when necessary and should not be used for body text or in excess. Hurme Geometric Sans 1 Light Oblique can be used when needed for emphasis.

  • Aa
  • Hurme Geometric Sans 1 Light
  • Hurme Geometric Sans 1 Light Oblique
  • Hurme Geometric Sans 1 Regular
  • Hurme Geometric Sans 1 SemiBold
  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz .,?/@#$%&*()_+0123456789

Rudiment Medium is used for text on chalkboard.

  • Aa
  • Rudiment Medium
  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz .,?/@#$%&*()_+0123456789