the challenge


The 3 point shot revolutionized the game of basketball in 1967. In 2019, we're using it to change the lives of kids in need of funds, but more importantly, fun.

Play with Purpose

On Sept 6, 2017, the eye of a Category 5 hurricane passed over the island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. A year and half later, recovery efforts are still ongoing, and carrying the stress of recovery and dealing with the loss of safe, structured places to learn and play is taking a big toll on the kids on the island.

In November 2018, PLAE Founder Ryan Ringholz had the opportunity to meet global frontline leader Linda Cruse through a RACE4GOOD event on a humanitarian-centric trip to Necker Island. Linda led the event by challenging business leaders and the community to brainstorm creative ways to help uplift the youth on the island. Inspired by the program and the urgent need, Ryan and the PLAE team reconnected with Linda in early 2019 to breathe life into this initiative.  Bringing together the kids’ passion for basketball and PLAE’s passion for play, the Game of Throws Challenge was born!

Play for good:

There are three ways you can help the recovery efforts in Virgin Gorda.

PLAE-It Forward. Through our giving-back initiative PLAE It Forward, we've donated over $1.5 million to local, national and global causes. Choose the code VIRGINGORDA at check out when you make any purchase at and we'll donate 10% of net sales to the recovery efforts on the island.

Donate directly to Virgin Unite. Virgin Unite is the entrepreneurial non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group and the Branson family, which focuses on collaborative impact for the long run. They work across a range of issues such as environment, entrepreneurship, the future of business, health, criminal justice, and equality for all. Together with some great partners, they have inspired and incubated a number of wonderful collaborations — like The EldersOcean UniteCarbon War RoomThe B Team and The Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship — which have spurred much needed change in the world. Since Hurricane Irma, Virgin Unite alongside its partners on the ground have supported many charitable projects and initiatives across the BVI.

Play #GAMEOFTHROWS! Throughout the month of April, we’re challenging you to take your best shot for the kids of Virgin Gorda, literally! Simply record yourself shooting any "ball" into any "basket" and tag @GOPLAE #GAMEOFTHROWS, and PLAE will donate $1** to the recovery efforts on Virgin Gorda*. How easy is that?

Through #GAMEOFTHROWS, we hope to help lift Virgin Gorda out of the devastation of Hurricane Irma by raising funds to rebuild spaces for safety, structure, fun, and creativity. But more than that, we hope to help rebuild the spirit of the kids on the island. Through social media, we'll be able to connect the kids of Virgin Gorda with a global community who is cheering for them from around the world. They’ll be playing along, too! Watch @GOPLAE’s social channels for videos and interviews with the kids all month long.

Play your way:

There are no rules to how you play #GAMEOFTHROWS. Take your best shot in any way you want — just make sure to post your video to a public social media channel and tag it @GOPLAE #GAMEOFTHROWS so we can find it and count it!

You could just toss a basketball into a net, or you could:

  • Crumple up paper and shoot it into trash can at the end of the aisle
  • Ball up your socks and throw them into the washer/dryer (you're welcome, parents)
  • Toss those weird little cocktail onions into martini glasses during your next happy hour (sorry, bartenders)
  • Doggo. Snoot. You know what to do.
  • You could dress up as Jon Snow and toss a snowball through a (fake, please) ring of fire
  • You could be Steph Curry and have your kids toss toys through your arms
  • Tania Tare can basically do whatever she wants

Keep it clean, you crazy kids. It's a family campaign.

The fine print:

*PLAE will be fundraising for Virgin Unite and its projects focused on supporting local communities and the long term reconstruction of the BVI, in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Virgin Unite and its trustees retain ultimate discretion over the donation and control as to which specific projects and charities those funds are used to support. In the unlikely event that Virgin Unite cannot use the funds for these purposes or if there are surplus funds Virgin Unite may use donations received to support the other important work of Virgin Unite.

**PLAE will donate $1 for every #GAMEOFTHROWS participation video, up to $10K. PLAE will donate 10% of net sales from via using the code VIRGINGORDA at checkout.

You do not need to follow, sign up or subscribe to anything to play GAMEOFTHROWS. You do need to post your video to a public channel and tag us, or we won’t be able to see and count it.

Check out these shots for inspriation!
Use the hashtag #GameOfThrows.