Shoes for Orthotics / AFOs

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Most kids shoes are not made to accommodate orthotics or AFOs.
PLAE shoes are different, here's why...

No other kid's shoe has a removable tab feature. Our tabs come in 4 lengths to better guide your fit, so you can size up or down.

"So many shoes are ruled out because they won't close over the AFO. We ordered a size 8 shoe for the upper strap. no stress! The shoes close."

Most shoes don't open wide enough for orthotics. our tongue is designed to open up completely and our insoles are removable making for easy entry in and out.

"Finding cute, comfortable and practical shoes to fit the braces is close to impossible. Your shoes are PERFECT for children who wear AFOs."

Most shoes made for AFOs aren't, shall we say — easy on the eyes? Let's face it, every kid wants to be stylish and PLAE shoes let them do just that.

"Buying shoes can be a let down for some children with AFOs because their shoe selection is so limited. With the interchangeable tabs not only can the child have a more customized fit but they can change the look of their shoes which generally is not an option for these kids."

While our shoes work for many kids, it may not in some cases as each child's foot and needs vary. Please email us first with the type of AFO or orthotics your child is wearing with a photo attached for a recommendation before proceeding with your purchase.

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Note: PLAE shoes are not recommended for bulky braces with hinges or braces that have straps near or around the front of the foot. The recommended style for braces is the Ty mesh. Camille boots and Max hi-tops are not recommended for use with braces.