The packables™ collection

There's always room for PLAE.

Packables are a whole new way to think about shoes, freeing you to think a whole new way about how you move through the world.

Packables are shoes uniquely designed and packaged to compress flat, taking up a lot less space in your bag and giving you the freedom to add more play to your day.

Anywhere +

Packables fit like a glove, and fit inside your glove box.

These shoes are specifically designed to compress FLAT while not sacrificing structure or style, so you can take them anywhere life takes you.

Do more

with your shoes + your packaging

The best way to think outside the box, is not to have a box.

Packables are uniquely designed to work with the compression bag — yes, bag — they arrive in, squeezing flat as often as you need. Toss them in your backpack, work bag, purse, or luggage so you're always ready for wherever life takes you.

Stick it

Action traction for the best way to "get a grip."

Diamond-filed soles inspired by bicycle treads provide multi-directional, lightweight traction, so you're free to go more places, explore more paths, and go your own way, every day.

The ecols

more elements, more fun.


Your life doesn't stop for the weather, and neither should your shoes. Stay dry, cool and grounded no matter the temperature or terrain with Ecols waterproof construction and membrane, designed for all-season wear without overheating.

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The packables collection

Crosby: the ballet flat
Ecols: The travelers best friend
Sun: The forever-recess sneaker
Thai-ha: The most versatile slipper