Thank you!

Thanks for your interest in the pay what you can pilot program. There was an overwhelming response and we hope many families will enjoy their new kicks. Understanding that not every family was able to participate, please sign up below and we'll be in touch with updates to this program.

A note from our C.E.O.

Dear PLAE community,

During the journey of launching and growing PLAE, we're very aware of many families, reaching out as individuals, that may not have the resources to afford new shoes. I was recently reminded of this when my wife and I were approached on behalf of a local family in need. We want to do more to help others, in all of our local communities, directly in this way.

In addition to other donations and activities in the community, we have decided to pilot a "pay what you can" program. Anyone who needs or wants a high quality PLAE shoe, but finds that they are beyond their means, can purchase a pair for any amount they can afford. Alternately, if you are happily wearing PLAEs but know a family in need that isn’t, please consider gifting them a pair at a price that feels right to you.

We’re asking a minimum of $10 to cover shipping—the shoe itself is on us—but we invite you to pay more if you can. Any profits made from this program will be donated back to the community via our "PLAE-it-forward" programs.

Best regards,

Jonathan Spier