"thank you for making washable shoes!"


"we are LOVING these shoes. like loving them...". my 4 yr old son feels invincible in them. one reason I bought them was beacuse of the stink free factor."


hoover, al

"work day with daddy - woohoo!"


"thanks for the cool new shoes!"


"we just got our shoes and are very excited to show them off on the east coast! thanks for the quick shipment. "...he is in love with changing his tabs!"


new york

raise your hand if you want a ride like that!


"sporting her sparkly pink emmes in central park".... she loves them! thanks for creating such awesome shoes."


new york

"just wanted to tell you we bought our first pair! my son and I both love these shoes so much "...we went back for a second pair the next week...." thank you for such a great kid shoe. he insists they are the most comfortable he has ever worn. awesome."


san francisco, ca

"she loves her new PLAE shoes and how flexible they are...". big thanks from astoria, ny."


new york

"GoPLAE we love your shoes!! they are still like new..." I bought my 3yr old son a pair in sept 2014 and they are still like new!! washing them in the washing machine is genius!"


concord, ca

january 2015

"we love our PLAE shoes! thank you!"


"GoPLAE in kodiak, alaska. <3 "...we took these kicks for some stellar adventures!"we certainly took these kicks for some stellar adventures!"


kodiak, alaska

"gday! these are awesome, the kids love them!"


merewether, australia

"cool little dude rocking his PLAE shoes."


"for all of my parent friends, buy these shoes for your kids. "...chase got his first pair in the mail this week and they are amazing!..." you can thank me later and to the GoPLAE company, I will gladly accept free shoes for my endorsement &num;GoPLAE"


all rainbows and butterflies here!


"these GoPLAE's are absolutely perfect. here's why...": 1) extra wide opening, where the tongue is very flexible 2) soft and breathable material 3) interchangeable straps with sizes/colors to choose from 4) velcro!...hello speedy out the door. and 5) they are just plain cute. really, it's hard to find shoes for braces and these slip right on like buttah."


"GoPLAE in disney! she wouldn't wear any other. "...she says they are the most comfortable shoes EVER."


lake buena vista, fl

"I just had the most extraordinary experience with this company, thanks PLAE, "...I am so excited to get my sons shoes...". if I tagged you in this post I felt that you should know about this company!"



"please buy these shoes, my sons came this week, I spent more then I've ever spent on shoes for my boys per pair that is, then ever, and I've a friend who has a son with three pairs and he loves them, she loves them they are awesome. get them I am even more confident in my decision. "...they are well made and worth every penny!"


"grandpa's game camera "...caught this kid in a dead sprint in his PLAEs!"


"the kids enjoying their PLAE shoes - the girls love em!"


"I agree that these are expensive. HOWEVER unlike the nike, reebok, and stride-rite shoes we usually buy for 45-50, these hold up really well. "...my son has had a pair since november that look new..."brand new. the lady who commented about having 5 kids could likely count on more than one child wearing each pair. these shoes have some value in their staying power."


february 2015

"my guy in his guard costume... for the play 'snow white and the seven or eight dwarfs'...and his GoPLAE shoes!"


"these shoes are amazing. my 8 year old has small feet (size 13) we are looking forward to purchasing another pair for her soon as these seem to be a great match for her skin sensitivity issues along with her energetic need to run, jump and play! "these shoes are amazing. highly recommend..." these shoes, they are stylish and comfortable for her."


fresno, ca

CHOP-CHOP! watch out now - there's a ninja in virginia!


"we seriously, seriously love your shoes...". we have a pair of ty's in brown. kiddo is starting preschool - hoping to get a second pair of GoPLAE's! keep on, and rock on!"


houston, tx

"we love your shoes!!! hard to find shoes for our extra special kiddo, but these shoes are "...great go to shoes with an extra spark...", being all the velcro choices."