we’re bursting into spring with a lively line-up of new kids shoes. this year's 2016 spring collection draws inspiration from the intense saturation of colors that emerge when the season turns – blue skies, green trees and vivid blooms with bioluminescent pops – all derived from nature.

introducing sam 2.0 the fisherman

play-worthy sandals with sole and toe protection, these fishermans will be the perfect companion for summer-time adventures.

introducing chloe the bubbly jane

always the life of the party, she takes her fun and her fashion seriously.

ty the sneaker

for the super active super kid. run, jump, twist, turn, flip, flop, and swing: with either airy, breathable mesh or water resistant ballistic nylon to follow their lead.

emme the sporty jane

a plain jane she is not. hop, skip and jump from school day to afternoon play to evening recital. and jazz up those jeans, tutus, and surf trunks.

max the hi-top

from air guitar to catching air on bikes, these are made for pushing your play to the limit with a side of spunk.

roan the original

the style icon. this sleek silhouette is the ultimate blank slate in simple black or white leather yet can be re-fashioned with a print for a bold, statement-worthy look. any way you rock it is a win-win.

nat the trendsetter

serious on the top, party on the bottom - this multi-dimensional mashup is for the duality in every kid.

lou the chukka

for the kid who's light on his feet and likes to keep it cool, clean and classy.

noel the explorer boot

ideal for the ever-daring adventurer! from the desert to the mountains, the noel is equipped with a breathable lining, dual lace options, and signature features made for the fun and fearless kid!