Meet Thai-Ha

Never be caught without fabulous footwear, even when chilling at your pad. This slipper looks right at home on groovy shag carpet or out on the deck (though we won't judge you taking it curbside either.)

Super Grippy

The real foundation to these slippers is the grippy bottoms. Briefly brave the outside or you know, beat the dog in a game of tag on the hardwood floor, however you PLAE.

Cut the fluff

Let's cut to the cozy here. Simply the softest materials are used to give your toes all the feels, without all the extra bulk.

Pack light
& box free

Thai-ha comes box-free, shipped in a bag so it can slip easily into your suitcase—the perfect companion for any Airbnb you end up in.

Naughty or nice?

Sister's roommate's brother's cat-sitter's uncle, who's on your list this year? Make it easy, get them all the same thing.

Travel is in
Thai-ha's name

As you might know, PLAE kids shoes are named after our kids and adult shoes are named after the streets we grew up on. Thai-ha comes all the way from Vietnam, where Hien, PLAE’S sales operations analyst, first learned how to play.

Get your cozy on