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Sketch. Color. Scribble. Doodle. Illustrate.

Play is universal and so is art. No matter our age—whether by crayon, pencil, brush, mouse, or stick—a little imagination + a blank canvas = endless playtime! We collaborated with Swedish artist Mikael Selin to create an adult sketchbook to inspire the inner artist in you to come out and play.

  1. Get your PLAEbook here.
  2. Sketch. Color. Scribble. Go pretty or go crazy. It’s your world, just PLAE!
    • On pages with illustrations: Bring some color and life to the illustrated images!
    • On pages with only photos: Create a new story and fill in the blanks. Let your imagination run, skip and jump!
    • Got a little helper? Now you can create a masterpiece together...or save this for some relaxing “me” time. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell!)
  3. Upload your submission below, then post a photo on Facebook or Instagram with #goplae and #plaesketchbook. Contest ends Monday, 1/29/2018.

Original drawing (winners selected by PLAE judging panel):

  • 1st prize - pair of PLAE limited first edition Mulberrys ($160 value) + Boosted Board ($1,499 value)
  • 2nd prize - pair of PLAE Prospects ($95 value) + custom Mission Bike ($1,000 value)
  • 3rd prize - $250 PLAE gift card
  • Judging criteria: Quality of illustration (50%), Creative interaction with photo (25%), Playfulness (25%)

Coloring Mikael’s illustration (community voted):

  • “Best Coloring” - $250 PLAE gift card

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"Hello I’m Mikael Selin, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and I still PLAE! My illustration style is all but Scandinavian. Nothing minimal about me. I weigh around 240 pounds and have an ongoing fight with gravity. This is my first time playing around with space and I appreciate finally getting to give my take on weightlessness. This project took me to the moon and back!"

Contest ends Monday, 1/29/2018. See Terms & Conditions for all the details.